Tournament format

  • Round-robin

  • The top 4 teams of the league qualify for the online semis

  • The winners of the semis play the grand final at the offline event (more info TBA)


League of Legends rules

  • Best of 1 (playoffs bo3)

  • Tournament draft

  • Sides: the teamcaptain of the higher ranked team will start a coin toss. The winner of that toss can choose the starting side.

  • Rosterlock LoL

    • Starting 5 + max. 3 backups

    • The backups need to be students from your school

    • You can use a max. of 2 subs per game

  • Tiebreak decider
    T1: Points
    T2: Head-to-Head


FIFA19 rules

  • Home & Away. A two-legged match with the winner emerging from the aggregate score of both games with extra time and penalties determining a winner if needed

  • Teams: The participants are allowed to play with any team available in the game.

  • Level: Worldclass

  • Half Length: 6 minutes

  • Speed: Normal

  • Weather: Clear

  • Injuries: Off

  • Subs/strategy: 3 per wedstrijd

  • Pause: Ball out of bounce

  • Tiebreak decider
    T1: Points
    T2: GD (Goal Difference)
    T3: Head-to-Head
    T4: Tiebreakermatch


Hearthstone rules

  • Best of 5 (playoffs bo7, 5decks, 1 ban)

  • Conquest

  • Every player must submit 4 decklists (1 for each class) by 20cet the night before the match.
    Open decklist.
    Players present these classes to their opponents and ban 1.

  • A deck that wins can no longer be used in the match.

  • A match ends when all 3 decks of one player have won a game.

  • Tiebreak decider
    T1: Points
    T2: Head-to-Head
    T3: RD

School ranking

  • Besides the individual ranking you’ll be teaming up with all the players of your institution to win the school ranking!

  • LoL 4 pt - HS/FIFA 3pt per win

  • Ending the competition in top 4 will award you additional points:

    • LoL:

      • 1. 8pt

      • 2. 6pt

      • 3. 4pt

      • 4. 2pt

    • HS/FIFA:

      • 1. 6pt

      • 2. 5pt

      • 3. 3pt

      • 4. 1pt